oh my god


This will make a lot more sense to people who have seen the movie. 


Part drawing, part manip (inspired by this)


Part drawing, part manip (inspired by this)


what makes guardians of the galaxy so good is that they’re mostly assholes and fully acknowledge that

everytime there’s supposed to be a sweet or dramatic moment

they ruin it

because they’re assholes



if you’re interested, this person is trying to organize a food/meal drive for elementery school kids in Ferguson

schools in Ferguson have been closed since Monday and that’s where a LOT of the kids in Ferguson get their food from, to explain how important this is.


What kind of Assassin’s Creed video game bullshit is this?

The thing you’re looking for glows when you use special vision powers.

Derek is his mother’s son.

We let him walk around like nothing ever happened, like he’s one of the good guys. Scott, he’s not one of the good guys.

Stiles, about Peter


Fuck Yeah, Mama McCall!