I’m seriously considering going to bed. It’s 5:45 pm.

Thug Life.

you are sexy. and cooking in your underwear IS important. I’ve been alone for the last week or so because my parents left me, so I’ve been cooking in my underwear too. beware of burning yourself with hot, spurting oil — that part’s not as fun

I’ve cooked bacon. Naked.

I shy away from neither sputtering oil nor spitting grease.

I am fearless.

While I’m losing followers I figure I should let you guys know about my life.

My family’s on vacation without me, which is not unusual.

But today after work I made myself dinner.

In my underwear.

It was a hamsteak and I cooked it in its own juices and some brown sugar and it was delicious.

But the underwear was the important part.

Because I’m really hot.

Went and saw Captain America 2 a couple of days ago…

My little sister thinks Chris Evans is “disgusting”.

I still can’t process it.

12. What turns you away the most from a fic?

Okay, truth.

If I start a fic, I’m almost certain to finish it. No matter how terrible it is, how many words, or how much time it takes, if I start a completed fic, I finish it.

Now, the things that will make me not start a fic:

Bad summaries. Sometimes. That’s about it really. Also, ships I don’t ship, but I don’t really look at fics that have them so…

32. Favorite AU tropes?


No, seriously. Like, the more tropetastic and cliche and overdone a fic is, the more likely I am to just sit there grinning at my screen.

But favorites, um… fake boyfriends/accidentally married, sex pollen, single parents, coffee shops, high school aus, truth serums, soul mates, ALL OF THEM.

You seem really cool and fun. Hi

Why thank you!

I am, indeed. Hi!

Fanfic Asks!



1. Do you read fic? Do you write fic?

2. Favorite genre of fic?

3. Favorite fandom?

4. Favorite pairing?

5. Favorite fic author?

6. Favorite fic (or one of them)?

7. One-shots or longfic?

8. Do you read WIPs?

9. What is the longest fic you’ve read?

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?

11. Least favorite trope/element/scenario?

12. What turns you away the most from a fic?


13. Has a fic ever made you cry?

14. What tropes/elements/scenarios get you the worst?

15. Do you mind when characters cry?

16. How do you feel about character death in fic?

17. Any characters who you can’t stand to see in pain?

18. Favorite angst fic?


19. Do you read porn or does it make you uncomfortable?

20. Do you like PWPs?

21. How and when did you get introduced to smut fic? Any horror stories?

22. Biggest turn-ons in fic?

23. Biggest turn-offs in fic?

24. Do you have any dirty kinks that you’re ashamed of?

25. Any kinks that you’d love to try in real life?

26. Any kinks that you don’t want to try in real life (but are still hot in a fanfic)?

27. Rough sex or gentle sex?

28. How do you feel about masturbation in fic?

29. How do you feel about non-con and dub-con?

30. Favorite porn fic?


31. Do you read AUs?

32. Favorite AU tropes?

33. Least favorite AU tropes?

34. Do you like UAs (universe-alterations, when the main universe and characters are the same but one plot point/decision/outcome is altered)?

35. Do you like high school and college AUs?

36. Do you like crossovers? If so, favorite crossover?

37. How do you feel about parent!fics/lovechildren? How about mpreg?

38. How do you feel about genderbending? De-aging? Animalizing?

39. Favorite AU fic?


40. Do you like fluff?

41. Favorite fluffy tropes?

42. Least favorite fluffy tropes?

43. Do you like fluff on its own or in conjunction with other elements (angst, sex, etc.)

44. How fluffy is too fluffy?

45. Favorite fluff fic?

What movie was #1 at the box office when you were born?

I pretty much hate my life…

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I would look so cute on you.



I live in North Carolina WOOHOO

Oh my gosh, hi! It’s so lovely to see other people here. :D

Can I ask which part of the state you’re in? I live in the Triad, myself, but regularly find my way out to the Triangle, usually Chapel Hill.

I live at the bottom. Near the border.

Sterek »

This is an amalgamation of songs that make me think about Sterek or fell into my playlist while I was thinking about Sterek.

It is ever expanding.

In case you wanted to know.