my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

Of all the true things on this website, this is the truest.


I want 0 responsibilities and a lot of lingerie

Brandon is a doofus and I hate him so much

News in Angela’s life this week:

In that order.

I am genuinely terrified that I might die in a plane crash tomorrow.

This is why I’ve never taken a plane.

I feel so stupid because I have absolutely nothing to say but I still just want to talk to him.

I asked the boy what his favorite movie was and he said Harry Potter / Comic book movies.

And you know what sir? I did not ask for this. Why couldn’t you have given me a shitty answer? I DID NOT WANT TO BE THIS INTO YOU.

Alright, shower time before work where I will spend my time surreptitiously checking my phone for texts from the boy updating me on the Greece game since I took this shift so he could watch it.

There might be a boy.


my whole life is me trying to type ‘sterek’ and instead accidentally typing ‘sterk’

I have this problem. I always spend like 5 minutes just saying Sterk over and over again in a voice that makes it sound like I could be saying Sterek.

Also, Sterel.

The Tech Crew: once you take the black, you can never go back


Darkness gathers, and now my work begins. It shall not end until I get my sleep. I shall take no bow, hold no flowers, father no monologues. I shall wear no colors and win no applause. I shall live and die at my post. I am the shape in the darkness. I am the watcher in the wings. I am the hammer that builds the set, the light that brings the show, the cue that wakes the actors, the workers that live in the realms of paint. I pledge my life and honor to the Tech Crew, for this show and all the shows to come. 

So Target gave me the shaft again…

Recently Target switched timecard services.

In the previous service, MAX, I had submitted and been approved for time off in July.

After we switched over to MyTime, I sent HR an email about whether or not she still had verification for the request on file. She said she saw no record of it and that I should resubmit it. (I included the dates in the email)

I resubmitted the request and it was approved again.

Well, today they put up the schedule for the week of June 8th. I’m not on it. HR said she’d originally scheduled me but then remembered about my time off request and given away those shifts. I showed her the email that included the dates (July 6th-15th) and she basically said I was out of luck and would have to pick up people’s unwanted shifts if I wanted to work that week. I would also be top priority on call-ins.

So, now, I have a forced week of vacation where I can’t actually go anywhere because I can’t afford it, and I really can’t make any plans because I have to wait by the phone just in case they want to give me the opportunity to work.

This is bullshit.