Also I want a soufflé

HuluPlus having all 13 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen is going to become a problem for me, I can tell…



my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

Of all the true things on this website, this is the truest.


I want 0 responsibilities and a lot of lingerie

Brandon is a doofus and I hate him so much

News in Angela’s life this week:

In that order.

I am genuinely terrified that I might die in a plane crash tomorrow.

This is why I’ve never taken a plane.

I feel so stupid because I have absolutely nothing to say but I still just want to talk to him.

I asked the boy what his favorite movie was and he said Harry Potter / Comic book movies.

And you know what sir? I did not ask for this. Why couldn’t you have given me a shitty answer? I DID NOT WANT TO BE THIS INTO YOU.

Alright, shower time before work where I will spend my time surreptitiously checking my phone for texts from the boy updating me on the Greece game since I took this shift so he could watch it.

There might be a boy.


my whole life is me trying to type ‘sterek’ and instead accidentally typing ‘sterk’

I have this problem. I always spend like 5 minutes just saying Sterk over and over again in a voice that makes it sound like I could be saying Sterek.

Also, Sterel.